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Brilliant Reflective's mission is to reduce automobile-based injuries to all outdoor enthusiasts, their families, and even their dog. This is not your typical silver reflective; this is colorized Brilliant Reflective made with 3M™ Scotchlite™ Reflective Material. The reflective strips are colorized using a patented technology. The reflective strips are made for ease of application by the consumer. The price makes them a perfect impulse item at the cash register.

Market Opportunity

What Is The Demand

The reflective market is growing as athletes continue to learn about visibility while they train and stay active outdoors
  • As the demand grows, apparel and accessories continue to grow in price.
  • 3M Scotchlight Reflective Material is the brightest reflective in the market. It meets the standards in place by the workforce as well as the military in regards to their low-light gear.
  • Brilliant Reflective is able to make an affordable, appealing, blending in product that can be applied to anything and everything. Meeting the demand of the customer, with an affordable product.


What Is The Demand
Retail Opportunity

Retail Opportunity

Target Market:
Runners, Bikers, Dog Walkers, Parents, Hikers and Campers, Outdoor Athletes and Enthusiasts, and Hunters

Brilliant Reflective’s Category Role:
Brilliant Reflective is a new opportunity for retailers to provide a cost effective safety tool for consumers to use in low-light. It becomes an idea add-on item at the register.

What Makes This Item Unique:
Brilliant Reflective is multi-color reflective with superior brightness. It comes in home Iron-on and Stick-on applications that are wash durable.

Demand Cycle:
Brilliant Reflective will have year round demand with spikes in the cooler fall months and spring months of lower hours of daylight. Purchase will frequently be impulse to a larger purchase of bikes, apparel, footwear, or running gear.